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Maintaining our Marketplace Integrity

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I think that might be a lot of the problem, quirke - what you and I see and recognize and can prove is a medium to largish operation (at least several people, many time dozens of people) that operates essentially like a sweatshop, admin sees sometimes as a "collective" and instead of telling the owner/employer/designer they can't sell things here that are made by his/her employees, they tell them how to word it so that it comes into some sort of quasi-compliance.

If Etsy wants to include that kind of business, please for the love of god call it something else and be upfront about it.
Welcome, Kruti and thanks for the information on your plans.
Terrific. I hope that the feedback system is part of the clean up.
As policy manager at Etsy and now lead for Marketplace Integrity, I'm thrilled to be working closely with Kruti on these initiatives.

One thing Kruti touched on in her post is that we're developing a short series to more fully explain some of Etsy's policies. I'm looking forward to creating a greater understanding of what handmade means in the Etsy marketplace as defined by our policies. For example: as some have described in this thread even, the "Collectives" policies (rules for multiple people in a shop) are not very well understood. We'll try to shed some light.
Wonderful, thank you Etsy!!

I agree, Ananemone. But you'd think that anyone who has ever been involved in an artist community would know that a collective is a group of artists who operate together on equal footing, not a manufacturer-employee relationship, so I don't know how Etsy came to their definition of collective in the first place. I can only assume they twisted it in order to maximize inclusiveness without thinking about the repercussions.
I too, am a bit cynical about this. If Etsy really shut down all the resellers they stand to lose a lot of money. It seems to me that the "collective" rules have been expanded to mean small factory, and when reported I suspect the resellers are coached into what changes they should make on their profiles and listings.
Flagging just doesn't seem to work.
I hope this means the reseller I and some of my team members reported three weeks ago for selling very obviously mass produced miniatures (we supplied links to the manufacturers although many were actually stated in the listings) might be removed instead of a temporary blip when the shop emptied and then returned with all the manufacturing company names and locations removed.

Its very galling seeing items for sale all round the World by well known factories being sold (and selling well) being passed off as handmade by default as people expect items here to be handmade (unless they are supplies or vintage).
Looking on the bright side and hoping for the best. Thanks!
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:52pm Jun 8, 2011 EDT
I will just say welcome, good luck and I sure hope that this helps the fight.

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