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Set a Region Filter to view content and items near and far

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I'm not kidding. Seriously, all the currency went Polish, site-wide.
loopyboopy says

they haven't even told their users that they MUST take action in their shops by updating their locations in their profiles to show up in a shop local search. I dare say well over half the listings are not showing up in a shop local search because most users are completely unaware of this.

Here's part of a conversation I had earlier today with hirefrank regarding that very issue.

I said:With all due respect, what does better communicate this to shop owners mean? By etsy's own admission only 1% of users come to the forums, probably less now. There has been no official post regarding this change months ago, just the odd mention of it buried in a thread here and there. How about an email? How about a notice at the top of a shop page?
I'm fairly sure either of those ideas would reach the majority of shop
owners and would actually be considered as having made an attempt at
notifying shop owners.

Hirefrank said: We are working on just that: a notice on the profile page and in your account summary page

(honestly, how long does it take to add a notice to the profile page!?? He mentioned shop local has worked this way since implemented last November! Last November? and they've yet to notify us???)

I then said: To date I do not see any attempt has been made to notify shop owners.

reply by Hirefrank: Point taken. We are working on it and I hope to launch it soon

so, in a nutshell, other things here seem to have taken priority over notifiying shp owners of this requirement. It appears to be a monumental task notifying us that we need to be sure to use the etsy suggested location.
ugh, I see things haven't improved while I was on the road today

I certainly hope that Etsy isn't planning on making location a factor in personalized search, b/c that is the worst part of eBay's "Best Match". eBay already has a domain for things that ship to Canada, & allows me to filter by things that ship from Canada, so why does it need to give preference to Canadian items in the "Best Match"? If I want items from Canada (& sometimes I do) I know how to find them.

I have been away for 4 days & was accessing Etsy on my netbook & on my partner's iPhone. I don't log out on the iPhone so I didn't even bother to check the settings, & it didn't give me any options over the past few days. I don't usually search on it anyway. The netbook changed the "ships to" filter twice while I was away - the first to the US & then to Canada. When I logged onto my desktop tonight, it asked me if I wanted to change everything (including currency) to Canada - I said no, & it left my regional preference on US but the "ships to" filter says Canada. Which I am fine with - but I take it that this isn't happening for other folks.
Quirke mentioned she got a pop up. I havent' seen anyone else mention it other than you, and I haven't gotten one.
I got the pop-up both here & on the netbook - on the netbook I wasn't even paying attention & cancelled right away, but here I paid more attention & still got the same result...hmmm
I got the pop ups when they first started doing them, some months ago... But it pestered me so much and I pestered it back all I could, that I don't get them anymore... And I didn't get it on when I logged in from my buyers account yesterday, after months of not logging in...
And above all or equal to this entire debacle - is the appalling appalling customer service from Etsy.

We are customers at the end of the day, Etsy is a service provider. Etsy has upset the apple cart, the customer is not happy.
Etsy admin instigated a forum post, so they know very well where the comments are - yet 30 pages and 24 hours on... not a single comment.

As a seller / service provider giving this standard of customer service - if the rest of us acted in the same way - where would we all be.

I started getting pop ups months ago - when etsy set up the regional FPs. Very persistent and very annoying! They would appear before I had logged in - if I got thrown out of my account for any reason - if I encountered any 'bad links' within etsy - and every time I got the Ugh Oh message. I must have clicked the 'no thanks' button at least a thousand times already over the past months. How many buyers will be that determined to NOT select the regional default that etsy wants to set for them!

I posted on this topic yesterday and a member of Admin did get in touch very promptly to apologise about the pop ups - and since than I haven't had one - fingers crossed!!
sewmuchfrippery says:

I started getting pop ups months ago - when etsy set up the regional FPs. Very persistent and very annoying!


Hi sewmuchfrippery,

We are working on a better design for this that is less obtrusive to ask members which settings they'd like to set for language, currency, and region filter.

loopyboopy asked:

are all users being defaulted to a US search? I set mine to everywhere but when I sign out of the site it defaults to the US??

All users are not defaulted to a US search.

New members who have never run a Ship-To search will default to whatever their Region Filter setting was. While many people might see their region preference set to the US here because most people come from the US, if you come from another country, we ask if you'd like to set a region preference to that country.

For many shoppers outside the US, it is very frustrating to be browsing and shopping on Etsy only to find out when they are ready to make a purchase that the item does not ship to them.

Also remember for shoppers in the US, many items specifically say that they will ship to the US or "Everywhere Else" which means that as a seller, your items will be appearing in search results if a shopper is using the "ship-to" filter.

Regarding why you're seeing something different when you sign-out, that's because when you're signed out, we don't know what your account preferences are. While you're signed-out, if you change your setting to 'Everywhere', we'll remember that this is your signed-out preference by a cookie.

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