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Photos for Text wording

Before I go any further, I want to be double sure this is not going to cause a problem. I understand that if you have text in a photo, it is NOT read by search engines. Pictures are pictures.

With that in mind I have created a way to announce free shipping listings in my store without cause search issues. I hope! I now have a special image that tells the story.


Am I thinking correctly? or will these photos cause me problems with the data feeds?

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:27am Jun 30, 2011 EDT
Only con I see is that you lose one photo
Well thats true for sure, but actually on lots of listings I only have 3 or 4. So I'm thinking it also fills up the column.

It certainly is not intended to be on all my listings.... just enough to remind the shoppers
I think that is a creative way to announce that. :o)

I would have space like that on a lot of my listings too, sometimes there just isn't a 5th way to photograph something.
just fyi - I've been checking my google results and it doesn't seem to create any problems either. yea.
Hmm? I wonder?
Does the uploaded image appear in google image when searched?
If so, does this count?

OP, I think it's a brilliant idea. I can't see it causing an issue. Thanks for sharing this .
OH CARP!#!*^(:

I was looking up the link page that explains more about Google data feeds/text allowed and I found the "sad" answer to my own's NOT allowed!

"Content Policies

Promotional or boilerplate text should not be included in your feeds or embedded in your images; all text should be a clear and direct description of the submitted product. In addition, do not submit image links to logo images or other generic images. Leave the image attribute blank if you do not have a specific image for an item.

Text relating to shopping or store policies should not be included in your feed (e.g. 'free shipping' is not allowed)
Products and landing pages must list prices in a supported currency
Landing pages must be in the language of the target country"

OhBoy.......... I hope I haven't lead anyone into trouble. Guess I'll pull down those images..... :(
OK sorry very tired right now so please bear with me, you are putting texts on your pic?
She was using the 5th photo slot for an image that said "free shipping".

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