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Listing Details and Checkout going mobile!

Today we are launching new optimized pages that will allow people to view listings and checkout from their mobile phones. This includes integration with PayPal's mobile checkout feature.

Although most parts of Etsy are already accessible with smartphones, the optimized pages are meant to load quickly and fit on your phone's screen properly. We've also made them easy to use with your fingers, just swipe away to switch between photos and scroll through more products that are in a shop.

Read more about it here in our FAQs:

Right now, we are supporting iPhones, iPod touches, and Android phones (OS 2.2 Froyo and newer) as these devices comprise over 95% of our mobile traffic. People with Blackberry phones running OS 5.0 and above have had success using Etsy mobile. However, it is not optimal and we are not supporting these phones at this time, so we recommend people with those phones use their computers.

Look out for more announcements on mobile, as we continue to improve Etsy, and make even more pages optimal for use on your phone!

(if you comment below, please help us out and note which Phone, OS version and Carrier you have...a quick line at the end will do!)



(iPhone 4, iOS 4.3, Verizon)

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Hey everyone, it looks like there's a bug with the "Desktop" choice not sticking and we're looking into it.


Raceytay says

Is there any way to turn this off? As a shop owner i want to see my listing page as it appears. I have a droid. I very much dislike this new setup. An opt out for "regular" viewing would be appreciated


We should be fixing this soon. One thing that's worth pointing out is that over time this is what a lot of buyers will be seeing as they're coming in from listing links on their mobile phones. So it'll be worth at least seeing how your listings look on mobile phones and that no important information is being cut off.

Hey all,

First, Thanks for the feedback

As Vernon says, we are working on the switching Mobile | Desktop -- its a bug, we are on it. Also worth noting, since a chunk of buyers will be accessing via mobile its definitely worth seeing how your listing will work on a mobile device. The goal is to make it easy for anybody to purchase an item from any device!

A few have commented that we should have the quick links to listing tools on the top of the page. That is on our list of things to be done. Our other goal is to make it super easy to manage your shop from anywhere -- since we understand your computer isn't next to you all day! Stay tuned for more in this area over the coming months.

Some people are reporting some wonkiness with Android and swiping. Thanks for sharing what phones you have -- we will be optimizing for Android continuously (there are just so many models out there, that random bugs can popup!)

Thanks all, very helpful feedback

Hi everyone,

The Mobile/Desktop switch should now be redirecting you back to the right page and remembering your settings. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "Desktop" and you'll be using the desktop version of the page.

Sorry for the inconvenience and let us know if you see any issues with this.

TreasuresbyKaren says

VernonT says

If it helps, this is more of a touch version whose layout is optimized for modern devices rather than a barebones mobile version.


AKA Blackberry?

Please just put us out of our misery and say, "Your Blackberry will not work with Etsy." Ever since you changed the listing process to one page, I can no longer maintain my shop with my Blackberry Curve. Can you confirm that Blackberries are pretty much useless now on Etsy?


Hi Karen,

As Leland mentioned in his original post, we're currently not optimizing for Blackberry. However our position is similar with some older versions of Safari and Firefox which we technically no longer support — While issues with those browsers (and Blackberry) aren't considered blockers for release, we will sometimes fix issues where content is made inaccessible. So issues like the "Read more" link not working is something we can look into. But we're unlikely, for now, to try and optimize photo swiping for non iOS and Android, but we may work on a version that gracefully degrades and lets you navigate photos by clicking arrows.

Hopefully that clarifies our stance. We're focusing our energy on creating the best experience we can for what the majority of our visitors are coming in with, and we'll come back around and provide small fixes for other devices as we can.

HI all,

A few updates:

Multiple convo sending in Cart:
This is a bug, and thanks to all for help finding it. We are working on a fix now, and hope to get something out VERY soon.

Your nook can mimic a mobile or desktop browser. In the browser, If you click on the menu icon on the top of the screen (next to the address bar), select More Options, then Settings there is a "Browser Mode" option, make sure its in Desktop Browser mode if you want Etsy and other websites to default to non-mobile versions.

The site works fairly well on Blackberry 6.0 devices and higher. We have a few bug fixes to work on to make it as good as the iPhone and Android. However, Blackberry 5.0 users are still not supported at this time.

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:33 pm Jul 14, 2011 EDT
annacorrinne says

double whoa! Just sent another (single) convo to a seller from the mobile listing view - it shot off 26 identical convos!!

Then, in my next attempt to convo another seller (from mobile view) about a custom item, I received a message that I was not allowed to send anymore convos...whaaat??

Obviously, for now, I'll only be convo'ing from the full site...

Sorry to those sellers whose inboxes I clogged up!
Hiya annacorrinne - I'm really sorry about the multiple-convo-sending from inside the cart. I just barely pushed a fix to the site, so from here on out it should be smooth sailing with just the right number of Conversations being sent (one).

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i have a blackberry on verizon...
Cool. I'm using an Android and I had no problems before so I am anxious to see how you made it even better. :)
i have a blackberry bold - no android though
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:02 pm Jul 11, 2011 EDT
That's exciting, and a much needed feature!
Awesome Awesomeness.
Blackberry Curve on T Mobile.
I can't relist on the new listing page.

mobile devices are the future of the Internet. smart move.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:06 pm Jul 11, 2011 EDT
I have an iPhone and had no problems before, so I can't wait to see the improvements! :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:07 pm Jul 11, 2011 EDT
nice, now if i had something more than the 99¢ special....
I still love my Blackberry.

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