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Wow! What a great list of definitions. Thanks so much for your time, sparrowsalvage.
It's fantastic to have such a positive and informative post, shared selflessly for us all to benefit from, many thanks sparrow
colorada says

I love this list. It helps to narrow it down a lot. Sadly, I still can't figure out where one of a kind designs like mine fit. Maybe I'll wander off and see how some other shops are listing theirs....if I can figure out how :)

I'm having trouble myself, colorada. I don't know what my entire shop style is, but I'm going through one thing at a time picking out tribal, boho, etc. Your work runs into the same problem as a lot of us who do assemblage and made-from-recycled stuff, in that we could do with 'reclaimed' or 'recycled' as an attribute.
Aww, thank you amth13! it's a pleasure to help.

I have to go to bed now (it's verrrry late in Australia!) but I'll be back in my morning to see if anyone else needs help. <3
that's a long list ! thanks for putting time in to doing it. It's gonna be real handy.

Retro is anything that's reminiscent of another time in fashion....Dior's New Look is his interpretation of Victoriana, so even that can be described as retro. Anything with an empire line/low neckline is retro of the early 1800's Empire style....that was a cute look again in the 60s, and comes back every so often.
and the Goth/Gothic has been covered's more than black and skulls.
and the Waldorf thing....wool felt salads for everyone !
sparrowsalvage - I'd love to have picked the names for the styles...I really don't see how many of these apply to most of the things on etsy. You're right, I would love to have an eco friendly option.

Thanks for posting. I loved your shop btw, and am so happy to have found it through this thread!! Hope you have sweet dreams!!! :)
Retro means something made in the style of another era. It doesn't have a specific time period attached to it. This is a retro dress:
Made now, but in the style of the 1940s. However, so many people are using the term retro like you did that it might be worth it to tag things that way.

Awesome list, and very helpful!
Wow, so nice of you.
Fabulous list, thanks for taking the time... your efforts are much appreciated, sparrow!

My taste and designs are across the boards, so my go-to will be eclectic, lol ;)
Whoa. This is a great resource. Thanks for putting this information together!

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