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Keeping it relevant: Etsy switches default search to sort by relevancy

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PoPkO says

Q: do views boost relevancy?

for instance: if you do a search, and there is one item that is the first, "most relevant" item on the page...and it gets clicked the most (because it is the first item on the page), does it become even MORE relevant?

Curious about this too.
Ahhh, so Etsy *likes* the idea of being able to use multi-word tags, but jumped the gun on calculating that into relevancy.

I'm going to guess that the tagging policy gets changed. It really does make sense that if you're selling a sterling silver bracelet, you should be able to use one tag that says "sterling silver bracelet". That way if someone searches for that exact term, you're going to come up. Too bad that it's against the rules for the time being.
natalieschwartz says Highlighted Post

I do wish we'd worked things out a bit sooner in regard to clarifying this matter, to have avoided this confusing situation. I appreciate the keen attention to detail and respect for the rules that you and other sellers have demonstrated in the Forums on this topic.

We are working as quickly and carefully as we can to ensure we do the right thing. I appreciate your patience.


We want you to be careful and get it right too, and appreciate your answer. But this begs the question: why is it being rolled out as the default when it's still got lots of problems?

Though I agree with someone's statement earlier that the category bleed issue is much more distressing to me than the tag stuffing, and I haven't yet seen that issue addressed (or did I miss it?). Is someone working to correct this search-wide issue?
WOW! Guess this explains why this has been the slowest sales day ever
i actually just did searches for all the most prominent items in all my shops... and came up on the first or second page on all searches.

This made me very happy because even items i havent recently renewed are showing up.

so far so good. before, a lot of these things were buried because renewing was not helping so i didnt which made it even worse.

so far so good, for me anyway. especially for my jewelry which usually would get buried in five minutes when recency was default.
MeandMatilda says

agree with mountainshadowdesign says

"Natalie, as a larger seller I don't think that what you just said is quite fair. If I am selling well on your site and am able to renew my sold items and come up well in the search results, why should that be a problem? If you are going to be manipulating the search results so that smaller sellers are coming up better than the larger ones, this is totally unfair.

And right now, the search results that I am looking at is totally favoring one shop (23 listings on the first page of search results). Will this be fixed?"

Agree with above. For many larger sellers Etsy is their sole means of support and they put in the time. Lots and lots and lots of time working at their job. Most of the larger sellers I know work 16 plus hours a day. Myself included.

Relevancy is not working as intended. Results are heavily diluted with non-relevant content. The idea is good but at this time it is punishing sellers who do relist a lot of sold items. It is the first day but so far, the same issues are still a major problem.


Hi MeandMatilda - thank you for sharing your feedback. We will continue to improve relevancy as we move forward. You shouldn't be seeing the same seller with a bunch of listings on the first page of a search- we have implemented an improvement to relevancy where the search results are diversified so that buyers won't see results from the same seller bunched together. This might be happening if there are only a few sellers in that search- is that possible here? Would you mind convoing me a link to the search that you did? We would like to look into this, as that shouldn't be happening.

Thank you again for posting your feedback!
Here's my question... and I actually don't understand this, so I would appreciate a lesson... thanks!!

When I search Beach Stone Jewelry.... how is beach stone SUPPLIES more relevant than what I'm looking for?

I wish we could add some symbols to the tags.. like

L/XL or 3/4 sleeve

to be more relevant
I'm willing to give it a chance before deciding whether it's good for me or not.
funky, i agree. like 70's or 1970's would be nice to be able to add.

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