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Do you make money off of Etsy?

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Yes, but it takes a lot of hard work, time, and energy. Did I mention sweat and tears and blood ;).
I think it really depends on

1: what you're selling (category and competition)
2: your dedication to investing in your shop (renewal budget, supplies, other promotion, treasury team participation etc)
3. your ability to take great photographs and write good descriptions, tags
4. a bit of luck

I technically make money, my sales are 10x higher than I ever thought they would be when I started, but I also put in thousands of hours in the last 9 months. No joke. I gave up sleep, social life, etc :)

However, I always am reinvesting in supplies, I declare my income on my taxes so there goes a big chunk, I lose on currency conversion into Canadian dollars (I'm Cdn), so at the end of the day I make a couple bucks off each sale. Not a "quit your day job" situation, but I get a lot of personal fulfillment and actually make a bit off of a passionate hobby of mine, so I'm really happy on Etsy.

Just be realistic and don't quit any jobs to go full time on Etsy right away, get your feet wet and see how you do and take it from there!
Not me but this is not my full time job either. I used too but the market is so saturated with jewelry and all the changes make it more difficult. I can say that to be really succesfull you do have to invest a lot of time in your shop. Good luck!
I make a good profit off my business with a combo of online sale, shows, wholesale orders and jewelry parties.

Online I sell most of my products on my personal website, but I do make a profit selling on etsy.

Jewelry is a saturated market and I wouldn't make very much money if I just sold here, or even just online.

What your product is, how saturated is the market and a sound business and marketing plan, are what you need to find out if you can make a profit.
I read this interesting article about this subject here: In it the author writes about Etsy sellers: "Nearly 60 percent have college degrees, and 55 percent are married. The average household income is $62,000—well above the national mean. In other words, the seller is often a married woman with (or about to have) young children, with a higher-than-average household income, and a good education."

"many posters admit that their husbands are the main breadwinners, and their work on Etsy amounts to little more than a glorified hobby."

That being said, I love Etsy. We have a full time business doing what we do, hubbs and I work together, but we have many selling venues. We wholesale, work craft fairs, and then we have our Etsy site. I was very grateful to Etsy when my husband lost his job after the economic downturn of 2008.

We live simply, and it is enough.
Do I make money from Etsy? Huh, that would be NO! LOL!
If this wasn't just a hobby, I'd be in trouble!
I wouldn't be here if I didn't! BUT... you have to treat your business like a business to be successful!

Good luck!
Short answer, NO.
Although it was very nice to be picked for many treasuries, nice messages, etc. I need to earn a living. constant renewals to get my items noticed has done nothing to increase(or even make one)sales!
I have just closed my shop in favor of ebay, where I just recently started listing(for same price as on Etsy) been selling consistantly!
Although friends and circles are "nice", again, I need to earn a living and my experience here was not effective(not one sale).
Best of luck to you!
I make enough to support my hobby habit with a little profit. Not many sales lately though. ;(
You really have to find your "nitch", so to speak. I sold a couple of things (not enough to even support supplying my shop), but lately it is hard to even get many views on items - much less a sale. I also own a photo shop. It was full of quality photos. Not to mention, I had several favorites and views, but my listings are now all expiring, and I didn't sell even one photo. (By the way they were priced reasonably as well!) On the other hand some people seem to sell something almost everyday, so you can't really say who will be successful and who will not!

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