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how to make items "featured" or how to get them featured

ok, so I saw that you could make featured items show up on the top of your store... but HOW?

is it something you have no control over (getting them featured) or can you choose which?

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If you are in 'Your Shop' there are grey stars on the right side next to the Edit and Remove buttons. Click those stars to highlight. Then click 'Rank your featured items' to change their order.
You do have control in your own shop. :)

Go into your shop, like you were going to edit something (or just view your shop while you're logged in.) See the grey stars on each item's line? Click on one to make it a potentially featured item.

Choose as many as you like. Then, above the stars you'll see "Rank your featured items." Click on that, and you can put them in order. The first three will be featured. If one of them sells, the next one in line will move up, and so on.

Hope that makes sense!
Always someone less verbose than me getting the upper hand. ;-)

thankies ^_^

Etsy really needs some sort of newbie tutorial :P
ahhhh you guys are great! thanks so much!

it makes my shop look much better, and shows my better pieces

a day... has never been happier *sigh* :)

thanks again!
Check this out...

Etsy FAQ compiled by Dyno. :)

I had checked the FAQ thingerses before...

I do feel somewhat stupid now, but honest.. I didn't see what I needed (sooo much info :P)
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:33am May 18, 2006 EDT
just look by category or search by keyword. :) the first post lists the categories like a table of contents, the subsequent posts give the specific info in mostly the same order.

so in this case, you'd scan down to Featured Items, then browse for the specific info you need. hope that helps :)
Thank you! I hadn't figured out how to do the featured items in our own shops yet, either! :)

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