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Delivery confirmation Paypal vs USPS

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:46 pm Sep 26, 2011 EDT
So ive read a bunch of threads on the delivery confirmation. Ive had problems in the past with people saying that they didnt get their order...when they actually did. I blame myself for not adding it to every order, now I plan to do that. I currently ship with first class mail and the post office wont let you get dc without going to the post office. I live out in the country and dont have time to always go to the post office when I have an order.

I was considering upgrading and paying more for the Priority Shipping so i can print labels online and get dc for free. Then I read that you can put dc on first class mail with paypal for 0.19 The paypal option will keep my shipping costs low but from what I read the paypal dc isnt that good compared to the USPS option. I just wanted to know what other shops use when they need confirmation on their orders. I need the best option that can be done online since im out in no mans land :) thanks in advance

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paypal DC IS USPS DC.
It is the same delivery confirmation through the USPS when you get it from Paypal. You just pay for it online except at the PO.
TagSale is right. The DC you get in PayPal is the same as you get at the Post Office. The problem with First Class DC is it isn't always updated right away. Sometimes it gets updated all at once when the package is delivered.
DC on pay-pal or USPS is all the great!!
I meant you pay for it online INSTEAD OF at the PO, not except.
I can't answer about PP's shipping service, because I always do all of my shipping directly through the post office. However, delivery confirmation will only show that the item was delivered. This means the postman can put it under the tree in the front yard or on the front door step where anyone can come along and pick it up. But, according to their terms, it was delivered. If they say it was delivered, you can't prove otherwise. Even if it's insured, you likely won't get anywhere by making a claim on it, because they show they delivered it. I use signature confirmaton on all orders of $25.00 and higher. If I have to be responsible for reimbursing the customer for a package they say they did not get, but which the USPS says they delivered, then I want to know who signed for it. With sig confirmation, they can't just drop it off at the door for John Jones or Susie Smith to come along and take. Anyone can sign for it, but someone does have to sign for it. I'm sure the postman doesn't check the ID of the signing person to be sure he's actually the person whose name he signs, so it's not foolproof. But, I feel more assured about the delivery being made, and about the customer receiving it. As for insurance and DC, that's probably not worth the paper it's written on if the USPS shows they delivered it.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:06 pm Sep 26, 2011 EDT
i think i was a bit leery about it since its only 0.19 and the post office charges around 0.80 I was kinda wondering why its waay cheaper than at the post office if its the same thing? this option will definately save me a few bucks on every order rather than using the priority ship option
After reading these threads for a year, I have started also getting a post office drop off receipt. On top of the DC.
USPS for me.

They will also send you all the lables, boxes, etc. you think you will be needing and you print the postage if you use Priority Flat Rate". For me it's the only way to go.

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