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Coming Soon: Change Your Shop Name and Changes to How We Represent Shops and People

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Lesbijouxcrealune says

Hi Eric,

By changing my shop name will my url to my shop change automatically? I'm asking because I just got another 1000 business cards made and am wondering if people will still be able to find me with my original shop name even if I choose to change it.


When you change your shop name, your shop will have a new URL. Links to your previous shop URLs will continue to work and redirect to your new shop URLs. We use 301 redirects to help maintain your search engine rankings after the change.
This is a great step forward! Thank you.
This is great! I've been wanting to show my actual name for a while, regretted opening shop with this username while using a different name for my shop. Now to see if I can come up with a new one, and if it's worth switching over my facebook shop page...
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:31pm Oct 11, 2011 EDT
Thank you so much for making this change! :-)
Can we take out the spaces in shop names with more than one word? Tid Bitz instead of TidBitz?? Some folks don't search shops that way.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:33pm Oct 11, 2011 EDT
if you have a shop you might want anybody who clicks on your name to go to your shop home page, or you might want it to go to your profile. will it be possible for us to decide what page a clicker lands on?
chriswrinn says

Eric, I have a question. I am already using my real name as my shop name. I would like my shop name to be Gilded Owl Jewelry. When I looked at the way it was set up, it says: Gilded Owl Jewelry Last Name from (store icon) chriswrinn says

I need to have the store icon next to Gilded Owl Jewelry. Is there any way to do this?


On October 18th, when we enable shop name changes, you can change your shop name, which is currently chriswrinn, to a new shop name. You shop name appears after the shop icon.
Will we still have the option to have a a Shop Title too, Eric? This article doesn't show one, but I'm hoping we can have one (between our shop name and the "Favorite" button?)...
What will happen of someone searches for you under your old shop name?

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