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Coming Soon: Change Your Shop Name and Changes to How We Represent Shops and People

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Is the character limit on new shop names going to be the same as it is now for user names?

I only registered as BGardenCreations because "ButterflyGardenCreations" exceeded the character limit. Is this still going to be the case, or will we be able to use longer shop names?

How about spaces in our shop names- will we be able to use those? Can my shop name be "Butterfly Garden Creations"?

LaBeq says

Yeah, apparently I just accidentally submitted a request to have my full name changed from "Beqi" to "Beqi Last Name". Any way I can cancel that request? I don't want my last name listed, but if it was, I would rather have MY last name than just the words Last Name!


Sorry about that! There is a bug in some browsers that causes the place holder text (e.g. last name) to get submitted if you don't clear it out. We are going to push a fix for that shortly and we will update all pending name change requests to remove Last Name or First Name if they were accidentally submitted before we review them.
I have the same question someone asked previously but wasn't answered:

I have wanted to change my shop name for quite some time, so several months ago I set up another account (with the shop name I want!) and was waiting for the right time to start switching stuff over. If I delete that other account, can I switch my old shop name to that? I'm guessing the answer is a big fat no, but just wondering. I'm guessing that name is forever frozen?
This looks like a well thought out plan. Keep up the great work!
visibility says

This is great news! Thank you so much! Any chance our new name will be able to have more than 20 characters?


We do not currently plan to increase the shop name 20 character limit or to allow spaces.
I think it would be great for Shop owners to be able to add a photo or two in their SHOP PROFILE of themselves, office space, the process etc. so that customers really know that our business is legit and that there are REAL people working.

We have avatars, but to me, that is a great place for our logos/icons.

Just a thought.... thank you!
Great! Thanks!!
AshlynDesign says

I LOVE the new name change feature!! I was wondering this a one time only thing that needs to be done in a certain time frame, or something we can do a few times (if needed) and over the lifetime of our shops being actively open?


You can change your shop name one time. Changing the casing does not count as a name change. If you need to change your shop name a second time, you can submit a request to change your shop name.
HOORAY!! I'm so fluffin' excited about this new information! Not that I'm going to change my name or anything, just excited that it's finally happening. I know a lot of people will be very very thrilled! :D
This is great! The only reason I don't want my last name is for privacy. Living in a small town, I don't want myself so visible to the public, although people who buy from me know my home address.

I would love it was very VISIBLE other than in an announcement, where we can our other shops can be listed. Initially I had one combined shop but I feel the jewelry shop does much better on it's own! However, with some of the changes with Etsy, I feel overall my visibility and overall hits have reduced significantly, and I find the cost for renewing all three shops is too costly when my sales have significantly declined, and now I don't benefit as much from renewing daily. Am I missing something?
Thank you, Linda

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