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Coming Soon: Change Your Shop Name and Changes to How We Represent Shops and People

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birdsandbeadstore says

Hi Eric,

Thanks for all the info! I have a question though, will we be allowed to wait a couple of months to decide on a shop name change? or do we have to make our decision for the 18th? It makes more sense to me to have more time to think about a new name and also to use up printed marketing with our original shop name before the big change :)


Once we launch the ability to change your shop name, you can change your shop name one time whenever you want.

If you need to change your shop name again, you can submit a request. We limit the number of shop name changes because frequent shop name changes could confuse shoppers or be used by people trying to take names out of the pool of available names.
To everyone who missed it:
Check out this Help article for how and when your username, your real name (if you chose to ad one) and your shopname will be used on Etsy!

It also explains (in the first paragraph) that your 'full name' can also be multiple names (for two people running a shop), just a first name, initials, or a nickname.
saburkitty says Edited on Oct 11, 2011

I still want to know if sales and feedback will reset to zero?


When you change your shop name, you won't lose any sales, feedback, or other data. All of your data will remain connected to your shop.
Your username is the binding factor (not your shopname).
awesome! thanks for the info!
Will shop names need to be smushed all together the way they are now or will we be able to have spaces? For instance TheFairiesNest vs. The Fairies Nest
rabbittude says

I am not misreading mine at all. It says "rabbittudefrom says". That is exactly the way it reads. I am hoping that is a typo, but that is the way it is.


Sorry about that, it looks like there's a bug affecting the preview of how you'll appear in the overlay in some browsers. That should be fixed shortly and you can see a preview of how people and shops will be represented in this FAQ:
oktak says

Question for Eric - what if I want to show my first name, but not my last name?
Is there an option to show your first name only? Or is it your full name or nothing?


That's fine! You can just leave the last name field blank.
itsmythingdesigns says

Are there fees involved in changing your shop name? I saw a non-Etsy post today that stated there will be a 75 cent change to change it and that it would need to be updated every 3 months. This post also stated that every time someone types your shop name there would be an additional 20 cent charge to your account. Kind of like a reverse click through. Could you please clear this up?
Thanks bunches :D


There are no fees associated with changing your shop name.
BeaG says Edited on Oct 12, 2011

One more question, Eric:

You say our current shop url's will redirect. Perfect!
(Five years of promoting would have become worhtless if it didn't.)
BUT: there was an earlier redirect! Will it redirect the redirected url?

My example: my business cards, blog links, etc., all say '". Short and to the point.
Etsy then made it, but still works.
Will it still work with the new url?

So, will '' redirect to ''?
If not, a lot of us Etsy sellers will be in big trouble!

----- and will both redirect to

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