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How do I open a premier paypal account?

I am new here and I want to open a premier paypal account, wich seems to be the best type of account for me. (Etsy recommends premier or business accounts for sellers, but I don't have a company and I don't think I will sell a lot, - so a business account would be to much for me :-)
But on paypal, for some reason, I can only choose between two types of a accounts, a personal account and a business account.
Can anybody tell me how to sign in for a premier paypal account? Please :-)

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You have to have a business account to be able to except payments I think.
You can always just make a personal account and upgrade it to premier.
Business accounts allow you to do business under a business name, accept all payment types for low fees, and accept payment from customers without PayPal accounts. Business accounts include all of the benefits of Premier accounts.

If I were you, I'd go with the business account. You don't have to have a large company to qualify... if you are selling on Etsy, you are doing business.
Kathy Schmidt from kittredgemercantile says Edited on Nov 24, 2011

You have to have a business account to be able to except payments I think.
Not necessarily. I started with a personal account, and upgraded to a premier account so that I could accept credit cards from non paypal users.

Kristian - when I compared the difference before I upgraded, business account fees only lowered when you were bringing in a decent revenue. Before that premier had lower fees.
Premiere and Business are essentially the same so you don't need Business, same fees etc.

I'm going to guess with what Samantha said, try opening a personal account and then upgrading to Premiere. The only other thing I can think of is if it's because you're in Iceland? Perhaps they don't distinguish between Premiere and Business. If so, don't worry - business is fine and really no different. The main difference is that you can, if you want, add a business trading name. But you don't have to (I don't). Think of it as having more options if you want to use them, it actually doesn't require more info.
I have a premier account with PP, and all of my funds are transferred to my regular bank account for desposit with my corresponding bank account number. However, I did not have a business account at the bank. I eventually became concerned that, sooner or later, there would be confusion at my bank because they would not know what to do with the PP deposits, since PP sent the deposits with one name on them and my bank account had another name. The only thing to match the PP deposits with my bank account was the account number. I asked PP to make this change from my PP business name to my real name at my bank. They did so, and I still operate through PP with the premier account, although it's in my real name.
Hello friends on etsy.
Thanks a lot for all you helpful answers, - I have a paypal account now, a personal - then I will upgrade later :-)

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