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Just Added: Pinterest Pin It button

Hi all,

We know many Etsians use Pinterest, an online pinboard for organizing and sharing things you like.

Now it’s easier than ever to pin Etsy listings, as we’ve added a Pin It button to Etsy listing pages. (If you don't see it yet, you will shortly.)

When you pin listings with the Pin It button, the required pin description field is prefilled with the item title and price. You can also add a note about why you like the item!

Note that you’ll need an invitation to join Pinterest if you’re not already a member, but we have you covered: use this link to sign up:

If you’re new to Pinterest, be sure to familiarize yourself with their community guidelines:

Like Etsy’s Treasury, Pinterest is a place for curating and sharing things you love, and is not intended for self-promotion. We’ve been using it to collect gift ideas, pictures of inspiring interiors, and recipes we want to try. Follow us!

If you have questions or would like to share some pinboards you’ve created, post away in this thread :)


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The Pin It button is now live for everyone.

Thanks for sharing, Gypsy Moon!
fifthseason says

very convenient!

is there any way to use the button w/o adding the price banner? or is there some way to remove that banner before we post the pin?


You can remove the price banner before you pin by removing the price from the description. You don't have to use the prefilled description -- you can replace it with whatever you like.

LittleGrayFox from LittleGrayFox says

Question, I've noticed that the pins with prices go directly to the "Gifts" category, which I rarely search. So if we were to remove the price banner, that would just go into the general pinterest sections, correct?


Correct. The price banner, which is currently displayed when there's a price in USD or GBP present in the pin description, enables inclusion in Pinterest's Gifts sections:

You can remove the price if you like, before pinning or after pinning, and it won't be included there.


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Yay! Thank you!!!

I love Pinterest!
Great addition to Etsy functionality. Thank you!
Yay! I love pinterest!
Awesome! Thanks!
Whoohoo! I noticed it this morning. Love it :D
This is great, thank you!
Great news, Etsy!!
Amazing news!

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