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Just Added: Pinterest Pin It button

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Regular Pinterest users are not going to be happy. worked this it's down:(. Guess it got overloaded.
This is so much fun, I've been pinning stuff since this was announced...until the site went down, haha! They're going to need bigger servers.
Sean is there a way to make the "pin it" button not show in your own shop? Maybe that will help deter folks pinning their own items.

I have an account but have not used it much. This will be easier to pin Etsy things.
ok YES i am excited about getting pinterest linked to etsy

didja all notice the announcement has a Stumbleupon button to share that announcement

does this mean they are ALSO going to link StumbleUpon to etsy soon?

and maybe also Wanelo soon too????
You're allowed to pin your own items. With some discretion.
Per pinterest rules you can't use the site for self promotion.....but you can pin something of yours every once and a while.....The love should be spread around:)....just like a treasury here.
I'm a bit bummed that when you pin an Etsy listing from the Etsy Pin it button, that a price banner shows up along the top left corner of your pin.

While I still like having the Pin it button on Etsy,I think I'll continue to use my own Pin It button within my toolbar instead for pinning Etsy listings. Just a personal preference.
I'm a member of how do i get the button to show up in my etsy listings because i'm not seeing it...

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