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Google Analytics filter is not working at all

If anybody can help me out with this, I'd be very happy.

I set GA to filter my IP, it didn't work. I checked my IP again, but it was still a same number.
I try to filter my ISP's domain, which is "" it didn't work.
Then I try to filter my City, then Country, both didn't work.
What am I doing wrong???

Here is what I did to exclude country for example.
I press Create filter, then custom filter, click on "Exclude" then choose "Visitor Country" from filter field, then type "Canada" on filter pattern, choose No for case sensitivity.

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Sorry, I know a lot about Google (old and new versions), but never did mess with filtering my IP since it changes often!

Maybe someone else will come along! Sorry you couldn't do this!

I had this problem some time ago. I contacted shaw and asked them not to change my IP so often. They used to change it on a daily basis, drove me nuts. After that I had no problems. I think they've change it twice since in 2 years. Of course you`ll have to wait the 6 hours just to talk to someone there. LOL
did u read this:
where are you still seeing yourself? main reports or just the live beta? live beta doesn't work with the filters (says so at the bottom of the page)
yes, i see myself in live beta! so that was the problem... i will check overall too
here are the instructions on excluding yourself with an Etsy account:

Exclude IP (if your IP never changes):
Exclude by cookie (if your IP changes):
I didn't realize this many people already answered to my question.
Thank you, all
Yes, I was looking at Real-Time, thinking filter is not working.
But on my standard report, number doesn't change, so it is working.
Since I'm using Shaw, I will keep that my IP might change in future.
Thank you.

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