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how do i write a review?

I just received a order I had placed and it is fabulous!! How do i write a review for it?

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click your account on the top right when you are signed in and then click "feedback". it should tell you the items you have to give feedback for. your purchase should be listed there!
Go to "your account" drop down box and click on feedback. The item should be there and click "positive" and write a comment if you like.
Do you mean as feedback? Just a few words about how much & what you like about it should do it. Just speak from the heart - I love getting a response like that from a buyer!
Thank you! :)
I'm trying to post this anywhere possible...

2-3 months ago, I purchased two pairs of earrings from the artist LEGINAYBA through Etsy for $15. When they hadnt come after 6 weeks, I asked them about the status. over a week later, they emailed me back saying that even though I had already paid for the earrings, they gave them to someone else. After contacting them multiple more times, they finally said I could choose replacement pairs from the site (again, since I had already paid 15 dollars and received nothing). After choosing the two new pairs costing under $15, a week later I receive an email saying:

"we just sent a full refund of us$14.96 back to your paypal account

your request is totally impossible
how are going to get 2 pairs of earrings for that price
you can even get 1/4 of earrings specially for such high quality like ours

so good luck in finding jewelry like that specially for that 0.99 cents items somewhere else"

First of all...RUDE! Secondly, they said this last statament because one of the original pairs I purchased and didnt get, THEY had on sale for 99 cents, which of course was the basis of its appeal.

so, in the end, they wouldnt even send me replacement products for the ones they failed to send me.

I advise anyone and everyone: DO NOT BUY FROM LEGINAYBA!!!!
Direct link to find the place to leave feedback:

So happy to hear you had a great experience buying on Etsy! Your seller will be thrilled to receive your glowing feedback, I'm sure :)
Kali Wurm says
I'm trying to post this anywhere possible...


You can't call out shops in the forums. It sounds like you got your refund so I'm not sure why you are posting this in this particular thread.
As Laurie stated, you cannot do this in the forums. Your best bet is to contact Etsy. The seller refunded your money so the matter should be settled. Could the seller have handled this better. Absolutely. But the bottom line is you're not out any money.
Hi there,

From our policies page: "Discussing a specific member, shop or item (either by name or with identifiable hints) in a negative way is not allowed." We also ask that members do not discuss specific transactions or disputes.

I am sorry you had a bad experience. If you can't work it out with seller directly, feel free to contact Etsy Support. Closing this one. Thanks!

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