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Announcing Direct Checkout

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Please find the time to answer the questions posted, it would be appreciated. I understand that there are many repeat questions that have been answered but there are still many important questions,in this thread, that have not been answered. This doesn't instill confidence in me to sign up for this option.

Is there a fee for requesting/withdrawing funds before the Monday transfer?

I must have missed this in the tous, if I have, I apologize. thank-you
this is what I really don't like about etsy. they will roll out a feature, give some basic information and leave everything else up to speculation by the sellers.

come on etsy, give us some concrete answers to our questions or haven't you figured them out yet?
Forgive me if this is a little off topic, but manually entering shipping
info is an issue with Direct Checkout.

I saw ShipStation mentioned several times in this thread and went to Etsy Apps to check it out. While there, I ran across a free app, ShipRush.

Here's a link to a video that shows how it works with Etsy Shops. This video is for Fedex shipping, but it also works with USPS.

Here's the Etsy App page:

Whether I choose to use Direct Checkout or not, this sounds like it will be great for me shipping through FedEx. It automatically imports buyer info, marks the item as shipped in Etsy sold orders and adds the shipper and tracking number in notes.

Has anyone used ShipRush?
Its going to be tricky keeping track of which orders are three days old and shippable, which ones are eligible to ship right away (ppal ones) and editing all of my listings to say 'item will ship three business days from purchase,' instead of items ship within two business days :P

I'll be a guinea pig and give a shot.

I have seen a few questions regarding PCI compliance. Etsy has been audited and certified as PCI Compliant and that certification is still in effect.

Please refer to this FAQ:

BarnFly from BarnFlyVintage says

Is there a fee for requesting/withdrawing funds before the Monday transfer?

Hi BarnFly,
I apologize for not responding to this earlier. If funds are available from completed orders before the next scheduled deposit on Monday, there is no fee for requesting an earlier deposit.
This is a great idea -- anything that makes it easier for buyers to shop to their hearts desires is awesome!
I have Google Checkout and Propay on my own website and both of them have about a 3 day period before I can transfer my funds.

And for everyone that says I'VE HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH PAYPAL or MY BUSINESS HAS DONE WELL WITH PAYPAL......Consider this:

Say we both have a small shop in a strip mall.
We both sell the same things.
My window sign says "We accept Paypal and Credit Cards".
Your window sign says "We only accept Paypal."

Since there are thousands of people that won't use Paypal, who's store do you think will do best?

You have NO idea of how many people went to your store and then just left when they saw that you only accept Paypal.
Were those terms there yesterday?

If so, why weren't they referenced/linked to, yesterday?

After 50 sales you will have to give Etsy your tax ID even though they do not have to issue a 1099 until 200 sales, nope not gonna go for that one. I don't give my tax ID out that easy.

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