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Notes from Chad, Feburary 7 2012

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Nice to read a positive thread and an encouraging report from Chad.
Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely check into direct checkout. Think it's going to work out really well.
Direct check out is a great option, but the transaction rates have to be better (lower) than PayPal's, we hope. How about having a feature for sellers to list an item with drop down menu options so that the item can be customizable or personalized in an easier way than having the customer write an essay of how they want a particular item customized? This is one of the reason why I'm thinking of creating my own site so that buyers have better customized options. Any thoughts on this feature? Thanks!
Love this additional option!
Thank you!
Thanks for helping to keep us informed. I appreciate these new things being discussed in the forums.
One more comment-
from Chad's report:
" During the holiday surge, everyone in the company signed up for customer support shifts, including me."

It is great to hear that everyone worked the customer service. Everyone including the upper management finds out more about the online shopping experience from the users point of view, shoppers and shop owners. Ultimately it will make Etsy more efficient, like the new direct check out!
You always seem to be on the ball and I really, REALLY appreciate that. You have no idea how much.

Gee it's time for my nap and I may just be too excited to sleep. :-) Especially love that site wide gift cards will be coming. Not for my shop but because I am dying to buy them for people!
KisforCalligraphy - I'd love to hear more about the instability you've been experiencing. We measure those things obsessively, and while we're not perfect, it's something we really care about.

Joanna from joyinmystudio - thanks for your note on support. I couldn't agree with you more that human relationships and personal contact are important at Etsy. That's why I'm here!

Sarah - re: wedding registry. I hear you.

And thanks to everyone else who posted. I read all of your posts. I'm stepping away now (we've got a company to run!) but will be checking back in later this afternoon and evening.

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