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Shipping prices? Sales Tax?

I'm a bit confused. I'm slowly going to open a shop but I want to make sure everythings perfect Is there a local standard when you choose the shipping prices? Can I have some examples . . I'm going to mostly sale earings so light. I see alot of 2.50 to 3.00 standard shipping. and the sales tax. I've boughten a lot on here but have never been charged it? How do I know how to charge it? Examples. .

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You are only charged for sales tax by people in your state. Just like you would only charge it to people who buy from you in your state, if your state uses sales tax. However, you need to be registered in your state to collect sales tax and have to report it.

As for shipping. Invest in a scale and use to figure out your shipping. First class is usually cheapest for light items.

Good luck.
Most of my jewelry items are shipped in a padded box inside a padded envelope. The actual shipping is usually less than 2.00, however the shipping charge is 2.50 because I need to cover the cost of my boxes and envelopes.
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Welcome to Etsy!

No, there is no 'standard' for shipping prices. Each shop determines their own charges and sets them accordingly.

Some people will only charge for postage and pay for the packaging out of the 'profit' on the item and some shipping charges will include the cost of packaging as well.

Some shops will offer 'free shipping' (setting the actual shipping price to zero) on items and include the cost of shipping in the cost of the item.

Just remember that you pay Etsy fees only on the selling price of the item (and not on shipping) but you pay Paypal fees on the entire transaction amount.
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When it comes to sales tax, you only charge tax on items that will stay in your own state. You do need to register with your local state for your sales tax id number and you are required to remit that tax on a regular basis.
Help with sales tax:

US: Sales Tax & Business Registration--links to official state websites

Help with shipping:

~~Shipping Basics~~
thank you all
Kathy, pay for and print your shipping label from Paypal. In a padded enevelope they charge $1.64 up to 3 ounces in total weight and then I think it's 17 or 18 cents per ounce after that. You have to buy padded envelopes of course but get them from Ebay in bulk rather than buy from the shops or post office. They are much cheaper that way. If you live next door to a post office that's fine but if not then you'll be driving there so best save on gas, buy a scale (Ebay $40), work out how to print labels on Paypal (it's easy) and then just go for it. Your procrastination will stop you having a lot of fun on here and meet a whole bunch of really nice people - and you may make a few bucks in the process.
Thanks all, great tips!

You can also check with your local tax office for information as to whom you should be charging sales tax.

In Your Shop > Shipping and Payment > Sales Tax you can set rates for any US state or zip code, Canadian province, or country where you want to collect tax. The tax will the automatically be charged at the time of transactions.

You can learn more about establishing sales tax settings here:
How does shipping work in regards to sales tax? Or how is it reported? I'm not sure if that has to even be recorded but am i supposed to make sure i keep track of that? or shipping just something that doesnt count in any part of the sale and bookkeeping?

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