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How often do you renew your listings?

If a listing is not near expiring do you renew the listing to get more exposure and how often do you renew?

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Now that searches are organized by relevancy, renewing your listings for exposure isn't really a good option to get exposure.. Only if the searcher changed to "recently listed" will the results show that way. I am so glad because constantly renewing to get at the top of the search was costly and often not worth it.

I just renew when the listing runs out or I sell it.
I do if I don't have something new to list. I try to renew or relist something about four times a week.
I only renew when a listing is near or has expired.
I try not to renew very often, after all it's an additional $0.20 per renew. But if I haven't had any views in a day or two I usually renew one of my more popular products to get people coming back and at least looking.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:15pm Feb 22, 2012 EST
i have so many items at this point, that i need to renew about three a day to prevent items all expiring in huge clumps.
I renew 3 or 4 listings each day if I have nothing new to list.
I think it helps.
I only renew now when items are about to expire, really no reason to do it otherwise. I also "renew sold" items right away is I can duplicate it so it holds all rankings with SEO, views and hearts.
I think renewing is a big part of Relevancy.
Not very often. Maybe once a month or every 2 weeks & of course, whenever an item has been sold, it is immediately relisted if it's still going.

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