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How often do you renew your listings?

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I renew 5 items, sometimes 2-3 times a day; depends on how my sales are going. I personally think it helps. Days I'm busy and not able to renew have been slower for me in terms of sales/views.
I really only do it when something is about to expire since the switch to relevancy. When they made the change it was my slow period since I sell wedding items so I wasn't trying to be seen anyway. It's been plenty busy so I haven't wanted to spend the money to renew. I have listed a few things but not very many.
Only when they expire.
For me, there is always a direct correlation between views, sales, and renewing, even with the change to relevancy. In my shop, renewing is still (thankfully) an effective way to push more sales when they're not coming in on their own.
I am still relisting when I don't have a new item to list, but does anyone know for SURE if this is still relevant to do? With so many changes to ETSY, I just don't know anymore! I just recently hit the 100 listing mark, have retaken almost all my photos, but my sales are still almost non-existant and I hate to spend that .20 if these's no reason to.
I don't usually renew every day but I have a lot of listing that expire this month so I am doing more than usual. I am also trying to reach the 200 listing mark but just can't seem to get there.
I prefer to list new items, but if I don't have any I will definitely renew. I see a drop in views and sales if I don't do one or the other on a daily basis.
I started doing again -- they say it doesn't matter / but it really does

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