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Can I block an insane customer?


I have always had wonderful customers and a pleasant experience here on etsy. But there's one person that e-mails me about 10 times a day and I think she's literally a little off. I'm not sure if you can block a person or not? She's driving me crazy and won't leave me alone. It's almost like she's obsessed. If I don't respond to her right away she writes back 'did you get my message?' (ten minutes laster "did you get my message?" on and so on). I'm trying to be nice to her, but she's really frustrating me.

Please help me. Thanks : )


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No, unfortunately there is no way to block a customer but you could report this to Etsy admin.
OMG! That is crazy...I haven't heard of being able to block someone here on Etsy. Maybe contact Etsy about it???
I don't think you can block anyone. However contact Etsy. They may consider this volume on convo's spam and do something about it.
I'm sorry you are having to deal with this.
no. but you can refuse service. you can report her is she is harassing her. you can ask her not to contact you again. then don't contact her again.
If she is abusing the convo system you can report her but if she is contacting you via email...etsy cannot do anything. Just ignore her and maybe she'll stop?
I would love to know too...sorry your having trouble with your customer!
You can tell her not to contact you again, and if she does, do not respond and report to etsy admin....they will take it from there. Once you tell her not to contact you, you should NOT respond to her anymore and forward any additional convos to admin. Good luck.
Does she email you on another site or here on etsy? If here on etsy you might consider emailing about this issue and see what they say..? Sorry, I wish I could help more.
you can not "block" a buyer, but read my post above about what other things you can do.

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