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What happened with Relevancy today?

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@Jan Skacelik...

I think you have more than enough luck. Not only are you first on a lot of page searches ( I have a lot of the same tags as you do ) but you can also have 3, 4 or even 5 items on the first page! What more exactly do you want!?? Would you like to dominate the first page completey!?

You have started or commented in quite a few relevancy threads and you have been given some very good advice but none of it seems to be good enough for you. I just don't get it...
Yumalum - I see you really stalking me everywhere, you are corrcect, same prints, same tags... It is not luck it is hard work.

with so many chages now it is impossible to take any advice, algorythm started to change results every few days nwo - it was not like this before, low viewed items months old are on top - not good fo anyone.

@Jan Skacelik...

WOW!...Excuse me!? Stalking you? Is there really any need for that kind of attitude and rudeness?

You are at the top or have more than one listing on the first page of many searches. Your sales are high so therefore you are being seen yet you continually say that you are not being seen.

If I choose to comment in one of your many threads regarding relavency or your supposed poor sales, then I will thank you. This is a forum for everyone.

If it is "impossible to take any advice" then why do you keep starting these threads and asking the same questions over and over again? As I said, I just don't get it...
What happened with Relevancy today?
18 pages later is there an answer?
I dunno.
Because as far as I am concerned nothing. It works today the same as it did yesterday or the day before.
When I look for something I want to see I get an appropriate list of them. One that is manageable. It contains listings that represent what I am looking for as it usually does. After all that is the purpose of relevancy to provide me with results of my searches that reflect what my searches are requesting.
I have see no significant changes in how it works. I see no reason to raise the question.
I generally find what I am looking for with in the first 3 pages of my search results. Occasionally a few pages more, usually page one.
Relevancy works well for me when I am looking for things.
I guess I really do not see a problem with it.
I guess if I had to express a concern it would be happened to the Category Search today. While it works as well today as it did a few years back, it did not really work then now and it has not improved any. So?
I just don’t use it.
Jana from BrokenGhostCouture says
But if you are doing a search of a single word, single tags are not 'bad tags'. An having the keyword in the beginning of the title does matter not in etsy searches. That's myth.


sorry, but i have to respectfully disagree. one of my items was getting not a single hit. i moved my really strong key words to the front and BAM! views started pouring in for that item...and i honestly didn't do a single thing different (tags, photos, promoting, nothing) except for change the ways my words were rearranged.

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