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No photos showing in store RSS feeds for the past week

I noticed that the photos in the store RSS feeds increased dramatically in size a few weeks ago, which was a bit of a pain because it required more scroling.

Now there are no photos at all showing on any store updates for the past week (although the images, large and small, still display for older items).

Has anyone else noticed this, and is it related to my settings or Etsy's settings? I haven't changed anything at my end.

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rakubuttons, thanks, I'm looking into this now. Can you post the URL of the RSS feed that you're using?
Hi Everyone,

Sorry, at this time we do not have any other updates, our Tech Team is still hard at work looking into the issue. Thank you for your patience:)
Hello Etsy RSS users,

This issue has now been fixed. There was a bug in Etsy HTML specific to Internet Explorer browsers. I can now load images for shop RSS in my Internet Explorer. Much thanks to community member forestsoftware for pointing out exactly what the problem was on this thread. Please follow up if you see this issue again. Thank you for your patience.

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Hi chelokebab,

Could you test this out in a different browser, to see if you experience this in Firefox or Chrome? If you continue to experience this problem, go ahead and send a screenshot to, ATTN: Marie
I haven't tested it in a different browswer yet, but I just confirmed that all my other non-Etsy RSS feeds are displaying normally with photos. Only the Etsy store feeds are missing the photos.
Hmm, it looks OK on my end, would you happen to have pop-up/add blockers on your browser that could prevent you from viewing the photos?
This is happening in my feed, too. It is only Etsy. No other feeds are disrupted.
Thank you Renees!! It's been driving me mad trying to figure out why this is happening. I have since tried adding new non-Etsy feeds, and they work fine. The problem is definitely limited to Etsy feeds.

I did send an email to Marie at Etsy the other day per her note above. Hopefully Etsy can identify the problem -- and soon. As a buyer, I LOVE using RSS feeds to follow my favourite stores. They are far easier to use than circles.
chelokebab - DITTO!!!

I see that Marie did receive the email with the screen shot attached, thank you for the added info. It really helps us see what's happening. We'll follow up on this end to see what could be causing this and how it can be fixed.

Sorry for the frustration!
Thank you Leslie - and perhaps Etsy could also try to determine why the feed thumbnail photos suddenly became very large in recent weeks. Although I'd be happy to get any size photo back in the display ...
bumping b/c RSS feeds are important

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