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No photos showing in store RSS feeds for the past week

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Thanks Cindy.

And thanks to a suggestion from another Etsian, I right clicked on one of the older displaying images to get the properties. It shows the URL and the image dimensions at 575 x 575 pixels. Images prior to about mid March were 155 x 125 pixels -- which were easier to scroll through.

Then I tried right clicking on the tiny sliver (that looks like a line) of the non-displaying photos in recent listings. If I place the cursor in exactly the right spot, I can get the URL and image dimensions of 575 x 1 pixel.

So the images are there, but are displaying at only 1 pixel high in IE's RSS reader.

Etsy, you need to fix this. I'm not the only one experiencing this problem, and regardless of whether the images may display in other readers or browsers, it also needs to be functional for users of IE.
Just checking in--we need the RSS to function properly. :)
Hi Everyone,

The issue has been put into our Tech Team, stay tuned!!
Dangit! It's friday and admin has boogied. First thing Monday then?

IE9:just awhile ago (2 weeks?) the RSS feeds fro Etay shops had super large thumbnail pics showing.Now the pics are totally gone. Since I do probably 75% of my etsy shopping this way I am annoyed - but have saved a lot of money. Reading the description only is too cumbersome and I have been finding I don't have the patience so I have stopped checking my feeds.

I'd really like this fixed, because, quite frankly, I love to shop on etsy.

Please let us know the staus of this.
right chelokebab. same as what I've expreinced.
We are still around, but don't have any updates for you yet. The issue has been reported to our Tech team. Thanks for the reports,

yay? Well, I'm shocked! lol
rakubuttons: thanks for confirming that the problem also exists in IE 9. I'm using IE 8 in Win XP. If you have other non-Etsy feeds, you will likely see that they display OK, as they do in IE 8.
rakubuttons, thanks, I'm looking into this now. Can you post the URL of the RSS feed that you're using?

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