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That Recently Viewed thingie at the the FP

Will not. Go Away. No matter how many times I click it away...it makes visiting the FP real painful. Please help. And please kill. the. thing.

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yeah, it is broken. If it was designed to Go Away, it don't. Go Away.
Hey...I think it got fixed! when I first log in it's there, and then I click it to go away, and it seems to be staying away. from my fp...thanks!
It's lulling you into a false sense of accomplishment. It will come back after you browse more items...I think 4 clicks or so.

You’ve stumbled upon one of our testing methods we are using in search.

In order to gather data about whether a proposed change will be effective in helping buyers find items in search, we conduct experiments with a small number of visitors.

More about these experiments: www.etsy.com/teams/7716/announcements/discuss/7612087/

I guess I need to stop browsing....and buying ....because. it. is. soooo. irritating and not helpful to me at all in the least...
I have it too and it is really annoying and detracts from the main page treasury. Really hoping this one is going again soon, it looks a mess.
well, it seems to be gone! I Hated that thing etsy people. Here's why...I will look at anything....anything...and just because I look at something doesn't mean that I ever ever want to see it again. Ever. If l like something, I will favorite it, or buy it. Think of it like this: I married my ex, and then divorced him...so...just because I was once married to him, doesn't mean I want to see him again, randomly. If I do feel the need to see him again, I will favorite him! 'k?

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