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Rearrange Your Shop glitch

Hi. I spent a ridiculous amount of time this evening playing with the "rearrange your shop" function for the first time ever. After getting everything set up just so, I....

-- hit "save." I got the "stitch has gone awry" message. So I hit the "back" button. It too me back to my rearranged shop with the option to save. So I hit "save" again, two or three times to make it 'stick.' This time the page just reloaded. But when I looked at my shop in a new window, all of my changes were there and it looked like it had saved just fine.

-- I then went to renew several items. No problem there. But when i went back to my shop first page, the renewed listings occupied the first couple of spots. It moved all my other listings back three spaces, but they were in the rearranged order that I wanted.

-- So I went back to ''rearrange your shop' and put the renewed items back in their special spots. Hit "save" - got the "stitch awry" message. Again, I hit "back" and went to town on that "save" button. Then I checked my shop's first page. The changes I wanted were there. All was right with the world.

-- But I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I decided to renew two more items. The whole thing played out again - the renewed items went to the first two slots in my shop, moving everything back. Went back to rearrange; rearranged; hit 'save'; got the "stitch"; hit 'back"; "save save save save save"; checked shop, everything was great.

Is it supposed to work this way - your custom order is only good until you renew? That kinda blows.

Thank you.

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im getting the three legged sweater when trying to save as well
Okay, I found the answer -

"The default view for shoppers will be the new custom layout you created. Shoppers can still choose to sort listings based on time listed and price. If you renew an item, it will be removed from its current order and placed as the first item in your shop. You will need to repeat this process to move it back to its former position."

Very annoying.

Don't know what's up with the "save" problem though.
Still not fixed.
This is a known issue being worked on by our tech team. Thanks for reporting!
same here... just checking in and now I know that I am not the only one.
Thanks, Lo - this one seems to be taking ages to fix and is super annoying.
Same here.
Me too. At least it saved the changes....

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