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All my Twitter followers disappeared

MMM....does this happen a lot? I went to look up a name and they are gone . I had like 250 or more...

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You probably still have them. For some reason, they do disappear here sometimes.

Check your Twitter account. I bet they're still there!

(You're still on mine, BTW!)

Mine are gone on my shop, too!

Thank you Anita ....
mine aren't showing up either
If you sign into your twitter account you should still see all of your followers.

There hasn't been any report of followers 'disappearing' unless there's been a lot of mass unfollowing going on.
Wait a something screwy with the TIME?

I thought I posted this morning later -- not right after midnight!?

I'm gonna see what time this says I posted this.

Wow, I must have had a bad night! Now it has the correct time!

Hi Everyone,

I was keeping an eye on this since last night, looks like the numbers should now be appearing properly. We will keep a look out on this to see if it happens again...

minipotterybyanita, yep, that should be right, I remember your post from last night:)
Ah, I feel special, MarieKelly. Thanks! My nights run together with the days sometimes, when I'm up really late!

Thanks for clarifying. Yes, I do see my followers now.
Very true, minipotterybyanita:)
My following and followers have all disappeared tonight. I also can't find a way to submit a ticket on this issue. I haven't been suspended or broken any rules. I'd appreciate advice. Thanks.
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