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Can I have my money back please for wasted renewals?

If the Etsy site ever catches up, and it updates in huge batches, the value of the time sensitive renewal is completely gone. An untimely renewal is useless. Money wasted. Please refund my renewal fees or cancel/null all in last 48 hours. I feel it has been going on much longer than that.. more like a few days. Thank you.

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I'm pissed I finally got a new listing up and now this.
And running search ads as, I dropped off the face of the Earth....I had been getting people coming to my shop, not alot but steady, I went 5 hours with only one view and that view was the leader of a team i belong to....

I don't know what is going on, but I certainly HOPE that Etsy IS NOT doing changes to the system to slow us down like this the week before Easter....

I'm hoping it's a glitch and not planned work that they are doing because anyone in Retail KNOWS that you do not do things to slow down your business the week of Holiday Sales....

That's like a Resort town deciding to repave the major road Fourth of July Weekend.... :(
At least they can put something on the form page about the problem. Hey there making money .20 cents at a time, I'm not.
The lag between the renewal and update is getting crazy slow. 4 days ago they were updating in 25 minute intervals. $$Flush$$ It appears it's on the order of hours now.
So do you guys think this has been happening 3 or 4 days in a row?? Yikes!
I have been noticing such odd things with the categories that I can't even describe them. And it has been days. It's like there are parallel groupings going on back and forth.
Not impressed either - I renewed a bunch of things today - had no idea why my views were so low even though I was having a sale, and should have been 2-3x higher. Then I come here and find out there are lag issues :-(
I wasn't even aware of the problem until reading this ..thats crappy.
I'm new to all of this, so please forgive my ignorance :P Why are renewals "time-sensitive"?

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