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Can I have my money back please for wasted renewals?

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:26am Apr 6, 2012 EDT edited
I shouldn't be implying or intend to imply this is widespread or technically fact, I just know something is way off the mark when it comes to renewing listings. There has to be a story behind this. Never seen anything like this ineffectual renewing. For me that is. I certainly cannot speak for everyone. I witnessed the lag first hand with my own listings. If things seem normal to you that is great. For me, this is bonkers. I renewed a batch of listings and kept an eye on it in GA earlier today... I think I saw one view come in from another continent. So bizarre to see nothing happen, no spike in views when I renewed another batch this evening during "peak" time.
Interesting comments and I have to join in: for the past week "something" has been drastically different in the shops views and activity. And it feels beyond the normal seasonal thing.
When things change drastically in a short period of time I get suspicious.
When I see new page "enhancements" pop up (that really are nice but not essential) I get double frustrated.
Site down time??

Views and sales are way down on both my sites and I can't figure out why! Ever since the beginning of April there are problems with viewing and sales. Some days things are better but most days things are just off, what's going on????????
I'll have to pay more attention with my renewals tomorrow. I don't often look, I just assume they work like they're supposed to, but if they are lagging, that's somewhat ineffective.

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