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Photos taking many hours to update in search when you change them

I sold & relisted this earlier today:
over 7 hours ago. It had previously been reserved, so I had a different graphic as the lead.

It looks fine in my shop, but not in the search, where the reserved graphic is still showing:
Usually I get several search views on this listing daily, but nothing today b/c it looks like it is reserved.

I had this happen the other day with another listing when I changed lead photos as well

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Hi Cindy,

That is pretty weird! Could you deactivate and reactivate that listing? That may take care of it, if not let me know and I'll forward the info to our tech team to resolve.

Thanks much!
I just checked listings I that edited the main image early today and the same thing is happening with mine. Not too big a deal for mine since it was a minor change but letting you know it's more than your shop :)


All the ones I edited today are doing the same thing.
Leslie, deactivating and reactivating fixed the one in my post.
That's great finickyfinds! Thank so much for letting us know!!
yes, deactivating did work - thank you.

But since it seems to be happening to more than just a fluke listing, it might be good for the tech team to be aware of it. I don't usually check my listings to make sure they are showing up correctly in the search; it was a coincidence that I caught the one the other day, which made me check this one when I saw the search views were low today.

& I just looked up another recent Sold & Relisted, & the same thing has happened to it. It was relisted late last night. I guess I have to check everything.
I first noticed it with this listing:
when I changed the lead photo & renewed it yesterday.

I would suggest that folks check everything renewed or changed in the last 48 hours, if you changed the photos.
I'm glad I read this. I posted about this issue earlier today in the forums. My updated photo showed in search when viewed in List view, but not in Gallery. I deactivated and reactivated, and now it's showing correctly in both.
This is happening to me too. I'm going to deact/react now... :(

Thank you for the updates! Yes, our tech team is aware of this issue and is working on it. We appreciate your patience while we get this repaired.

Thanks much!

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