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mother's day cards n the gift guide

I noticed that when i click the link to look at handmade mother's day cards, the first page shows cards, but when i click the arrow at the bottom it switches to some other search and doesn't just show cards anymore.


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it still isn't working.

if you go to the Etsy front page, click on Mother's Day at the top left, it takes you to the mother's day page. From there, if you click on cards at the top right, it takes you to a page of mother's day cards. but when you want to go to the next page, either with the arrow or page number, it switches to another search that is not mother's day cards.
That's very strange! I followed the steps you suggested, but it stays on "mother's day card" for me.
Hi Sarah,

I, too, am getting Mother's Day cards on every page. Can you tell me what browser you are using? Have you noticed the items changing for any other searches you perform? Thanks!
I am using google chrome on a Mac. I haven't had any other searches change on me.
I just tried searching mother's day cards. Got cards on page one, then the search changed to "mother". Maybe this is why I haven't sold any mother's day cards in my other shop?
I'm still not able to recreate that issue. Try using a different browser and see if you get the same results. If the search performs normally, try clearing the cache in Chrome. It may even be a simple browser restart will do the trick. Seems very much like a small browser glitch at this point. Do let us know how it goes. Thanks!
that's exactly what happened to me Becky! this is the page I get when I click on the next page:

it does it in Safari too. it happens when you try to go to the "next page" at the bottom.
I am using internet explorer. When I closed etsy and IE and started over, I now have pages of mother's day cards. Did you try that Sarah?

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