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Local search problems.. still not solved


it looks like someone is working on the "local items" search issues but it's still not functioning. Actually, it's more broken than before.

Now the blank search in handmade shows "Local Items (2,190)", but clicking on it gives the message "We didn't find anything in Vilnius, Lithuania."

Also - Lithuanian items are still not showing in local search for Europe.

Plus city search doesn't work at all.

Here's my old thread from a month ago:

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Hi Laura,

I gave our tech team a nudge about this issue, so sorry it's taking a while to find a resolution. We are working on it! We appreciate your patience.
Thank you, Leslie.

With a new European FP and all it's a shame the whole country is excluded :(

And I'm quite surprised to see "Republic of Lithuania" instead of just Lithuania.
It's probably the first software I see which uses "republic". If I were to choose my country from an alphabetical drop down list, I'd never find it.
Check any shopping cart, any forum software, just anything that requires you to select location for shipping or registration - you'll never see "Republic of Lithuania". At least I haven't ..until now.
However, while you have a point, a local reference might actually refer to Lithuania using just the individual name, the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia makes reference to the statement that the official name of the country is the Republic of Lithuania.


which leads to;


leaving the problem un-resolved but at least more curious!

So which method is the correct method to identify Lithuania? Or is being correct important. Go with a colloquialism.

Uncljohn, if I'm shopping online, I'm looking for my country under L, and so does everyone else I know. Place my location under R in the list and I'll leave your shop because I'd think you don't ship here.

To the best of my knowledge, you can find "republic" only on official docs and the covers of law books.
You'll *never* see it in the postal addresses or country lists.

Here's an official EU site, and it's LITHUANIA

And here's the postal address of the Parlament, official site

While it's "Seimas of Republic of Lithuania", the postal address is:
Gedimino ave. 53, Vilnius, Lithuania
I don't disagree. what you are saying is right. At least as it is said. My point though is still valid. If you are in NYC rather than some where else and want to know the name of a country. And the documentation points out it is the Republic of something or another.
There is a tendance to think of it as being the correct name as documented.
You have no argument with me, your is with the listing as written and I did not write it.
Just pointing out there is a source that is accepted that states what the correct name is. Now the question is how to list it on a shop local source on a shopping venue.
The same accepted source says that the name of the country we all know is "People's Republic of China", but no one tries to stick that official name into shopping software.
Probably the major problem here is that we're nowhere near as huge as China :)

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