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Search is defaulting to Most Recent

I have the new search, where the drop down menu shows pictures along with text. When I click on a phrase, the sort is automatically by most recent and not by most relevant.
Are we going back to recency as the default search or is this a bug?

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marking old school
I'm wondering the same thing!!
I kind of noticed that, too because those top page items do not have good SEO in the titles, tags, descriptions, etc. But they are still on the 1st page in the category...
I'm begining to think it just doesn't matter what you do..... re- tagging...seo.... begging to be seen ... I am starting to think the shops who make Etsy the most money get the most exposer.. that's just the way it has seemed since last october.... I could be wrong.... but at least I own that thought...and it is relevant to me = )
I see admin is in Bugs now. Can anyone from admin help?
Hi Caroline,

We were unable to recreate on our end, are you still experiencing this?
Yes, I am. Let me try clearing my cache and cookies and see if it is still doing it.
I cleared my cache and cookies, and my search now is the old drop down search, where there is a dropdown menu of suggestions with no photos. The old search is showing results by relevancy.

Since I am only getting the old search dropdown, and it is no longer showing the new search with the pictures in the drop down, I cannot say whether or not the problem is still happening.
Hmmm, OK, let us know if you do experience this again:)

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