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Google Syndication Thread; Help and FAQ

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Hi there,

Make sure you are typing in your Shop name (no spaces) and clicking on "Shopping" on the left hand side, you will see your Items here:

I need a push for my shop :) only 37 items are showing. Thank you!
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:59pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT
You say: "make a small number of sales"... is there a time frame that the small number os sales have to fall in?

and a ?, once item listing are sent to 'google shopping' why does a shop need a push? wouldn't the listings from a syndicated shop automatically be sent to GS on a schedule?
Hi Marie Kelley
I have over 300 items and all of a sudden,it's down to about 100 on google shopping. So please give my shop a Push! Thank you!

Thread is up to date!

aVenir; there is no time frame. Whenever you get those (5-6) sales, you're ready. Automatic syndication will check your shop with each sale. If it fails to kick in, you can request manual syndication here.

Listings can expire, or they can be dropped from Google, as explained in the original post. Thanks all!
Can I be syndicated,please??
You're all set, Alison!
Hi, I`m syndicated, but only about half of my items are showing up in google shopping results. Can I get a push? Thanks!
Could I please get a push, only 127 of 538 items are showing up!

Thank you :)
This is great info! Thank you so much! I checked and unfortunately, my shop isn't syndicated. Can you please check to see if I qualify for syndication? Thanks again! ~ Rita

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