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Google Syndication Thread; Help and FAQ

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Please an update on the problem with Google Shopping! I reported this two weeks ago and I haven't had any update of significance from Etsy Admin...just that they are working with Google. CAn you be more specific?? What is the problem? I still have zero items in Google Shopping and have the same issue as Bobbithisntthat and poeticdesigns.

Hey guys, the "push" I got was a mini one at best. I still only have @40 of my 73 items up. Can I have a real push and if you can't get load them all I'd like to know why. Push pretty please.
@JacarandaDesigns - Thanks for the mention :)

Just why are we all being Canadians got knocked off from Google shopping, Etsy ? Two weeks is long enough to investigate, surely there is some Explanation to this !

Please respond !

Hello there,

may I have a push please.

Thank you
I've looked at a few Canadian Etsy supply shops (that have a high number of listings), in Google Shopping and the results are shocking! Shops with thousands of listings (as I have) and few or zero listings showing up GS. Obviously they aren't aware of this, or I'm sure they would be posting here too.
I (used to) check very infrequently, so didn't notice the problem until the 12th, but it surely started prior to that date - almost three weeks since I first posted now (and Etsy must have been aware of the problem prior to this??).
Is there any resolution in sight? Any information as to why this has been happening would be greatly appreciated.
Pushed you all through here. Sorry we don't have any updates at this point on the particular questions posed here, though we have reported your concerns. Thank you,

Can I have a push please? Thanks!
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:18 pm May 31, 2012 EDT
80 items missing from Google, can you give me a push pleeeeze?
Push please?
I've read some parts of this thread, but obviously not all 151 pages so please forgive me if I'm being redundant. I was previously syndicated but now I am not. Can you explain why and is that something Etsy Admin can fix for me? If so, please do it. Also, I understand the "tax fix" but can't see 0% tax in my shop settings. Is that okay? Thanks for your help.

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