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Google Syndication Thread; Help and FAQ

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Matt, thank you very much for your help
I might be missing something, Clicks. What are they?
Thank you for your time.
Just checked on my shop and I only show 10 items.
Do I need a push?
Not that it will make a huge difference, i'm just asking.
Ah, sorry. "Clicks" are the same as "Views" really. Someone sees you in Google or GPS and 'clicks' and visits your shop or a listing. Google generally calls them clicks, and I was in Google mode. :)

Edit to add: zatanah, you were down a few. I resubmitted those for you.
No worry Matt,
Thank you for your help

I'm not sure why you are showing all my items in GPS. I have 51 items in my shop and there are only 47 showing since Thursday. The three mens items are not there. I haven't taken the time to see which other is missing. On Fri. morning I tried de-activating and re-activating the mens. Sometimes that works. Not this time. The two pushes I received from admin on Fri and Sat haven't worked either.

I have used multiple browser to check and an iPhone. All the products aren't showing.

Not expectng an abnormal amount of views. It is just noticeable in my shop for more than a few days now that the Etsy Search Engines have not been sending traffic to the shop.

Appreciate you and your time.
I only have half of my items showing up... Do I need a push? I know that they don't show duplicate listing which might be the problem, but some of my other items that aren't duplicates don't show up?
I gave you two a push. I hope it helps.

May I be syndicated, please?
I use to receive a lot of views from Google but lately I've gone to no views from Google.
Thank you so much!
Do you need a push from time to time if so may I have one. Thank you

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