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items listed only as 'supplies' not found under 'all items'

i have items (patterns)....that are listed as 'supplies'......older ones are also tagged as 'vintage'
the patterns listed as 'supplies' and 'vintage' are found under both categories along with the 'all items' category
but.....the items listed only as 'supplies' are ONLY found under 'supplies' and not found under 'all items' at all.....
i checked for a few of other folks items too.....same thing....

so when a shopper starts off looking for something under 'all items'.....
it will appear that there perhaps aren't any of that particular thing....
when in fact.....there may 10 of them from 10 different sellers but they can only be found if the shopper specifies 'supplies' in their search

as the song goes......'how long....has this been going on?'......

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Hi thewildstrawberries! I was having this exact issue yesterday. My supplies weren't showing in All Items either. It isn't effecting all users, but I'm not sure how many. For me, this was a new issue yesterday. There were other supply search issues last weekend and the weekend before that, that were resolved. Admin Marie is checking on this latest issue with the engineers.

Today, my search is back to the old "Handmade" default search. I'm not sure why. It seems to be working in this view when I choose Supplies from the drop down menu.

All these changes are making my head spin!

(Hi Allison!)
Hi there Somerset!

My search is working great. But, my search working doesn't help when other people are searching for what I am selling.
So true Allison! I'm always wondering how many users are effected, but don't even know it's a problem and just leave out of frustration. Sad.
That is what I am afraid of. People who are new here, who may have found a search through google. Its frustrating to say the least, but my sales have slowed.
This was in another bug thread.

Marie Kelly from EiramVintage says

OK, Elle, after speaking with our Engineer. It appears that you have stumbled onto a product we have recently been testing. Occasionally, we test new products and tools on a limited number of Etsy members. This test is conducted to gather information and feedback on how they work. From this data, we can develop the product to the best of our ability. Most often, these tests are not permanent, but we do test them every so often. If you have any feedback you would like to leave, it will be helpful!

Posted at 5:46 pm Apr 24, 2012 EDT - Report this post
Thanks Allison I found the thread your talking about. I'm just not sure what to make of any of these searches anymore. I'm so confused. I wish it would just work in a logical way that's fair to all sellers. Is that too much to ask? LOL
when i search for something on etsy...i almost always begin with the 'all items' category.....as it SHOULD by virtue of it's name....hold all the items on etsy

but if anyone is looking say for a pattern and plugs in the number only the vintage patterns show up....so the person will asume that the one they're looking for isn't available and go to ebay or somewhere's else......

go to SUPPLIES.....plug in 5002 (it's a pattern]
82 items come up

switch to ALL ITEMS.......which should hold all 5002's from VINTAGE, HANDMADE, and SUPPLIES
but only 37 items come up

only the VINTAGE items are showing

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