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Editing Shipping Profiles BUG

Hi Etsy,

I was just in my shipping profiles, and wanted to change some listings - and selected the profile, and hit the "save changes" button.

I was in this page: "Apply Shipping Profiles to multiple listings"

I got all the way through a few pages, and on a whim checked an ad, the shipping profile had NOT updated.

I tried again, several times, the "save changes" button is NOT saving the changes.

Thanks a bunch!!!
Sab :)

*out the door, but will check in later tonight*

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Good Thursday Morning :)

Checking back in, this problem still persists.

Can not change shipping profile in the "Apply Shipping Profiles to multiple listings" page.

Tried selecting and saving, and it is not sticking.

I have about 50 or more ads I need to change, and am now going to start doing that manually... *UGH*

Thanks Etsy for looking into this.
Sab :)
I just tried to edit my shipping profile and it's not working!! Can admin please help us?
anyone? I really need to edit my listings.. all of them (not one at a time..)..
Marie Kelly avatar Admin
Hi There,

Thank you for reporting, our Engineers are looking into this issue.
Great, thanks so much!!
Marie Kelly avatar Admin
Also, just to check in Diana and Sab, are you part of the Shipping Improvements Team?
Yes.. I am, is that part of the problem?
Do you think if I take myself temporarily off the team, could I do the edits and then come back to the team?
Any updates? I'd really like to be able to bulk edit my shipping on my listings..

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