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Editing Shipping Profiles BUG

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Hi Diana,

Yes, you can rejoin the Team at any time. It would be interesting to know if it works when you are off the team, so if you try that, do get back to us and let us know how it went. Thanks!
It didn't work, I still can't do the bulk edit. Any word on a fix? I also cleared my cache.. but that didn't help either..
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:32am Apr 27, 2012 EDT edited
Hi Everyone,

*checking in*

As I thought more about this bug, I recalled that several weeks ago, I had changed shipping profiles - and did not check the ad itself - and unbeknownst to me, the changes I had made did NOT stick - as an order came in and the shipping fee collected was short.

So, then I realized all the changes I had made did NOT stick.
The "save" button works, and does not give one an indication that it is NOT working. So I assumed all had updated.

After that parcel, which is looking back several weeks, I did keep trying to update my ads. It did not work.

Yes, I am part of the shipping team.
I did REMOVE myself from the team, thinking it could be an error due to some beta test.

I waited several days, tried again, it did NOT work.

I rejoined the team.

I forgot about this...and went about my life. :)

Then the other day, again a parcel that was short on shipping fees, and I remembered I had never addressed or fixed all my ads.

AND here we are today - it is NOT working.

When I posted this bug thread, I could not wait for the bug to be fixed, and have since manually edited all my ads that needed the shipping change.

Thank you for investigating, I wish I could remember how far back this went, I would guess at least a month or even longer. If that helps nail down the issue.

Sab :)
Hey admin.. any update?
This has been happening to me to for over 1 week!
Hi folks,

Sorry, no update. But we are looking into it. Of the listings that don't update, are they old or new or both?
Mine are both :) If i do it to a whole page then sometimes one will get the new shipping but the rest do not, but this seems to happen on the same select few items each time.
I have the same problem - I edited my shipping profiles then tried to apply them using the bulk apply feature. Update appears to work but then it doesn't change in the listing!
Help please :)
I'm having this problem as well. I was part of the shipping improvements team, but left in case that fixed the issue. It was working for me earlier this morning, but this afternoon it's stopped.
I need to update the shipping profiles on all of my shop because Royal Mail has just put their prices up. It's a real pain to have to do it on every individual listing, doesn't seem to matter if it's something old, or something I've only just renewed.
Thanks for the reports. Let me try to get a status report on this one. Thanks!

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