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Not receiving notice of sales or convos

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Email came 3days later!
Still not getting notice of convos! When do you think that this will be fixed????
I received the email for an item sold today.
I have not received yet emails for items sold the last 2 days. Convos are coming with 24 hours delay.
Mine are trickling through 4 days later, and I'm still not receiving more recent transactions and convo notifications.
I just emailed the AOL Postmaster with the senders having issues (conversations@mail.etsy.com and transaction@etsy.com); asking for any info or updates...couldn't hurt, right?
Still a problem, SALE notifications are coming in DAYS LATER and OUT OF SEQUENCE! Admin., this is a huge problem and we haven't seen an update lately-please get this fixed! For many of us, Mother's day and wedding sales are important, plus this is payday for many customers...we don't want to miss communicating with our customers due to a problem beyond our control, that has been ongoing for several days now!
Holy cow someone opened the gates...I just received a whole bunch of convo notifications from 04/26 through today. Hoping this is fixed for good now.
I just received notification on an item I bought Friday, and I still haven't received notification of a couple of items I sold over the last three or four days.

I'm also just now receiving convos from yesterday.
wow...this is terrible.... I just now got notification of a convo from LAST WEDNESDAY from a buyer telling me how he would like the piece he bought sent......AFTER I had already sent it the day after he bought it!!
Luckily I sent it the way he requested it....but this doesn't bode well for reputations of sellers if they miss instructions or questions from buyers!
I'm having the same issue - this morning I got about 20 convos from as far back as the middle of last week all at once - glad to know I'm not alone :)
I am not an AOL user and while I am still receiving my convos, I sent out shipping notifications through Etsy late last week and two customers that I know of did not receive them?????

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