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Activity not being recorded.....

when I open my shop page....shows no activity. Yet when I click on activity, it shows lots of activity not yet seen.

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Yes I get the eternal buffering wheel on my activity page. And I keep getting the "Darn" announcement. But go to my shop stats and guess what...there's been lots of activity.
I'm not sure I understand, Gina. Shop Stats is showing activity but your activity feed isn't? Or vice versa?
Sorry...LOL My activity "icon" shows a "blank" As if no activity. But then when I click on my activity icon, I have lots!

It is still doing it , just checked. LOL Sorry , am I making sense now?
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:36 am May 8, 2012 EDT
Activity feed two hours behind. My activity never loads.
I have the same problem no number notification on the activity feed icon .
Hi zaama,

I went ahead and selected an Item from your Shop, let me know if the number lights up within your Activity Feed.
My activity feed never matches my shop stats!
I gave up on it a long time ago
For complete results of your Shop Activity, please refer to your Shop Stats, your Activity Feed is a tool of discovery and not intended as a book keeping record for your Shop. For tangible and reliable data of the happenings of your Shop, Shop Stats is where it's at:)
Sheesh...I wish they could get this fixed. I want to see who is favoriting items, who has made treasuries with my things, etc...it's a real pain seeing that swirly circle every time!!

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