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change to shopping cart - not good

All of the sudden, I only see the item price and the words "plus shipping" in my shopping cart. The right hand side shows just the total for items and shipping.

I need to see the individual shipping charges per item, because I want to decide at any given time whether I want to include the item (and the additional postage) or whether I want to delete the item.

Why do things that are ok have to change when there is so much that needs to change.

For us buyers, please change it back.

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Hi desertchill,

Interesting. Could you post the listing numbers for those items in your cart? I'll see if I can recreate this. Thanks!
61735918,67363117, 62327157, 62618888

I am glad to hear that this doesn't seem to be a permanent change.
Hi desertchill,

Yes, I am seeing the normal display with those items. It may be that the seller doesn't have a shipping profile for your location, so that "plus shipping" is a place holder and a reminder that shipping still needs to be added. I would contact the seller via convo and see if arrangements need to be made.

If it turns out that shipping should have displayed, post again with the news and we can investigate further. Thanks!
I have had these items in my shopping card for a while and was adding and deleting items because the additional postage was quite high. The seller has an option for 'everywhere else' so that covers my location as well. My shopping cart looks a bit different as well, maybe it's on my side, but I don't have any other problems.
Uggg, I see what you mean. I have a new shopping cart too and it's awful. And for what it's worth it should indeed show the charge per item, not just a total.
Could it be any bigger? It's massive!

Anyhow Desertchill, it seems if you change the shipping location in the drop down then change it back to your location it will show the shipping cost per individual item.
Thanks for the info Bridget.
I have the same new shopping cart that shows just item price "+ shipping" next to each listing and the total of item prices and total shipping on the right side. The listing photos are so large that they're almost pixelated. Not pretty. When I made a purchase last night I didn't have this new cart.

How are buyers to know that in order for shipping prices to display on the individual listings they will have to change shipping location to somewhere else and then change back to their location in order for the individual shipping costs to display by the listings?
Hey folks,

I just got word that we have isolated the issue and will apply a fix for the missing shipping costs tomorrow. Thanks for the reports!

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