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convos being strange

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Same issue with searching convos too. I searched just now for one I needed and it's gone. I never deleted. My convos are still a mess all week. Is this bei g checked into? Thanks
My issue is not that it's showing unread anymore as that's fixed but I can't search for convos. They are missing!
Still having the same problem with convos. Just as Lauren above, I cannot search my convos.

This is really frustrating!!!
Still??? this is still an issue and its too complicated for etsy to fix? This is still happening to me. Fix please.
alert new convo bug

getting convos i sent and from customers but already received them 4 days ago, 14 hours ago, and the last one was 5 hours, 1 hours, 3 hours, now putting all convos out of order. oye vay.
Convo issues are known and being worked out. Sorry for all the troubles, my friends!
YUP this is still an issue
A message I sent to a customer a couple of days ago just popped up as "NEW" I go to open it....there is nothing there but my own message....great
So did she send me something and I just can't see it yet? Or is it just a phantom glitch? Before it has been that my customers were trying to send me something and I just wasn't getting it until much later....finding messages in my email from a day before that were etsy convos that I never saw in my etsy account etc etc
getting an new email message of new convo, can read it in the email, but I got to Etsy and there is no reply from the person, its only my original message
yep since posting almost 10 min ago, I have received 2 phantom "new" messages with nothing in them.....

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