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convos being strange

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Happening here also. I just a customer whose convo I had just received so I knew she was on Etsy. Asked her to convo me back if she got it. Haven't heard back from her.

This is messing up a couple of big orders I'm in the process of negotiating.

What should I do?
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:43pm May 12, 2012 EDT
Marie Kelly from EiramVintage says
Buckaroo Bones,

Can you send me the details, with the member's name you sent the convos to via community@etsy.com, ATTN:Marie and I would be happy to take a look!

Thank you so much Marie!!!

Actually, I've just heard from her - YAY. She tells me that she did not hear back from me and then she received the convo three times. Passing on this info from my customer in hopes it helps the techs.

Thanks again, Marie. I appreciate your quick response. Have a great weekend and I hope this is resolved soon for everyone.
Me too! I'm concerned my customers are not getting my convos.
I am curious as well...I had a customer tell me they wanted to place an order but never heard back from me....but the convos I sent the week before are right there in the convo chain....I chalked it up to "operator error" but then I have sent a few responses that I haven't heard back from. It is unusual for me...most people get back to me right away as my merch is time-sensitive.....hope there isn't anything wrong. I need this convo system to be reliable :)

ETA: now I am getting paranoid after reading others experiences! I hada few convos over the last week or so that came through 2 at a time that were sent a few days apart. It makes me antsy....I am SUPER good about convo'ing so a customer telling me I am unreliable really got to me.....I don't want this to happen again....
convo button is sticking again today for me.
still happening :(
Its happening to me too!
Thank you for all your reports, we are having our engineers looking into Convo issues.
Happening for me too. When I send a message it shows that I have a new message waiting. I have had replies back from SOME people but not all to know if they are receiving the message on their end.
This happened twice to me today, I don't know whether they got my message or not?

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