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Getting Sick of seeing Thousands of Views on Treasuries

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Oh, WOW! Thanks for filling me in Maryanne! Surely not a level playing field then.
I saw a treasury 2 days ago with no comments at all not even 1 comment and in less than 15 minutes got over thousands of views and landed on page 1 in 20 minutes well i don't think it is fare we work hard on promoting our treasuries whether with a group of friends or with a team and we spend hours and hours to get our treasury to move on. we want everyone to play it fare in an honest way.
Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the reports, it has been deleted.
Was this treasury all of her own items like the one last week was?

The view bots are horrible and all of those treasuries should be removed, yes.
But so are the treasuries that include the curator's own items. And some of them have had ALL their own items and have risen up the lists because their team members promote it!

I wish I had seen it and could have commented on it.
Marie, thank you very much! I think some of us have been getting very frustrated, and because we were not getting feedback from you guys, we were feeling like maybe etsy didn't care.

Lets face it...the best of the first page treasuries bring tons of views to etsy and with them sales. I would say that there are maybe 100 of us that regularly have treasuries on the first page. There are more that do a few a week. I know at least 50 of those regulars that are fed up, frustrated and ready to quit! Basically we need you and this tool that you provide for marketing, and you need us to put time and effort into keeping this beautiful. Treasuries would not be the marketing tool for you guys or for us if anyone can throw one together carelessly that is not even all that attractive and get it on the first page. Customers would stop looking when they just found page after page of scarfs. This needs to stop!
Has anyone noticed that the entire 1st page of the list is now dominated by the same group of shops. The same group of shops appears over and over again, and all those T's have got thousands of views.

Etsy can anything be done about this?? Please???? It's so not fair to the rest of the community that are working their butts off but don't have to ability to use bots. If bots are ok then tell the rest of us where to get them. so we stand a fair chance also.

I totally agree with Emily and something not right here and it is not fair for the one who works hard , spending hours in promoting a treasury. Please let us know what are your thoughts on it.because it is very frustrating to see this happening on Etsy.
I noticed that my self. I was up until 4am promoting a treasury and then noticed that one with a couple thousand views and no comments. I worked for hrs and wasn't even close to that one on the top treasury list.
Wow... I had no idea this was going on! Unfortunately there will always be someone trying to scam the system... keep making beautiful treasuries you all!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:24 pm May 12, 2012 EDT
why doesnt everyone have the same rules? this is not right

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