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Trouble liking other shops' Facebook pages

Where anyone's Facebook like button should be on their Etsy shop page, I am seeing my own avatar, and clicking it takes me to my own Facebook page! Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a glitch, or is there something I should be doing differently to prevent this weirdness?

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Hi Melanie,

I'm unable to recreate this on my end, when you click "like" a Member's shop, a little pop up window will appear, where you can write a little message before you post to your Facebook wall....is that what you are referring to?
Yep, that's the button I mean. If the shop has mentioned their Facebook page URL in their profile or shop announcement, I can paste it into my address bar to go to there and like it. That works fine.

Hm, maybe I am just misunderstanding this Like button on the Etsy page? Now I am seeing earlier shops I tried to like - they are showing up on my FB wall as posts with links back to their Etsy shops. There is no mention of or link to their Facebook page at all.

I thought this button would direct me to their Facebook page, so I could Like them there. Does this mean that the only way to get Facebook "fans" through our shops is to give the URL to our shops?

Thanks for your help, Marie!
Hey Melanie,

When you click on the FB Like button within the banner, you will automatically like that Shop's page, therefore if a Member likes your Shop, they automatically become a fan of yours:)
That's what I thought should happen!

Today I am not seeing my avatar in place of the Like button, so something has changed. Does it make a difference if I am logged in to my Facebook, I wonder? I am going to experiment with it a bit, see if it's maybe just something weird with my computer. = )
Hi Melanie,

If you see your profile pic in place of the "like" button, it means you are signed in (on Facebook) as your shop page. If you switch back to signed in as your profile, the "like" button will return. Hope that helps!
Thanks Matt. So does that mean you can't like someone as your shop?
True Melanie. You'll need to be signed in as yourself.
Ahhh! Okay, I get it now (I think, LOL!) Thanks for your help, folks! = )

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