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Connect with Facebook Problem

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Debbie, at this time, no. It is one to one to one (Shop/profile/page).

Laura, you have not yet connected your profile, so your shop page is unstable. Read my previous comment for instructions. Thanks!
Okay Matt,
Disconnecting and re-connecting seemed to be the answer ... I hope it sticks.
Thank you for all your help!!
I'm having a similar problem--I've always had a Facebook "like" button on my items, but in the past week or so, it has disappeared. When I go through the steps to set it up again, the box for linking Facebook is greyed out and not active. I've tried "starting from scratch," but get the same result--no access to Facebook. I should add that my browser of choice is Google Chrome. Is it possible that Etsy and Google Chrome simply do not play well with each other?
HI Foust,

Looks like a good connection to your profile. But your shop connection has seemed to drop. There are two paths we can take: you can reconnect through Your Shop>Info and Appearance and see if it holds. Or we can try a do-over. You should be able to delete the profile connection from Your Account>Settings. If not, I can delete the connection on my end. Let us know how you would like to proceed. Thanks!
Hi Matt--
Go ahead and try to delete the profile connection from your end and I'll attempt a re-do. Thanks for your help. The whole thing is making me nuts--all was fine and then suddenly it wasn't . . .
Will do! I'll do that right now. Remember to connect your profile first (Your Account>Settings). Thanks!
Hi Mark--Now the "connect with Facebook" option is greyed out and nothing happens when I click on it. So I'm back to the original issue--no link between my shop & Facebook.
Thanks for you help--the mystery continues.
Hi Foust,

Let me have you try clearing your Etsy and Facebook cookies (you don't have to delete them all if you'd rather not). Since I disconnected you on this end, your computer may not be "aware" of that development. Sign out of both sites, close all associated tabs, delete those cookies and try once more. Oh, and don't sign in to Facebook until Etsy prompts you. Let us know if that helps and we'll take it from there. Thanks!
Hi Matt--
Me again. Got rid of all my cookies back to "the beginning of time," (according to Chrome). Made sure I wasn't logged onto Facebook. Alas, the connect with Facebook option is still greyed out. Humph! I'm beginning to think I'm being punished for my Luddite ways . . .
I am still having the same issue...

I connect by going to account, then settings, then connect with facebook, then go to info and appearance and connect the shop's facebook page.

Then today, poof it was all gone again.

Am getting very tired of reconnecting every day or two...

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