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Contact List - Sort Messed Up

From the Conversations page, when I try to sort my contact list by "most recent" it isn't working.

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Hi Toni,

Mine appears to be functioning OK. Is the button not working or do you think the order is wrong? Let us know. Thanks!
Thanks, Matt! The button works but the order is wrong.
Could you send a screenshot of as much of the page as you can get, please? Send it to community@etsy.com. For those unfamiliar, here's a link explaining screenshots:


Ok. Thanks for helping!
I emailed it.
I noticed a change to the sort in search in contacts just the other day, now if I search something like jewelry
I no longer get contacts that have jewelry at the beginning of their name, instad I will get it alphabetized and well that is just more annoying then a real bug, but I would like the old sort back where it brought up those that started with Jewelry then the ones where it alphabetizes first...
Oh and yes if I get down to J it would have those that start with Jewelry but I have to go through all the others first, and to select that person fo me this is a real bother as I use a screen reader that does not make it easy to go down the page I have to go line by line which makes it take awhile when u got to listen to each name it reads off and decide it's not down there yet... It was much better when they popped up first and then alphbetized afterwords...

and Jewelry was just a ex, that was not the word I searched, but do have many friends that use that in their names so thought it was a good example...
Toni, thanks for that. I do see what you mean. I'll give this to the tech team for consideration.

MoesCrochet, sorry about that. I can certainly understand getting used to a certain way things work. We are working on some of these issues as we move forward and i hope you like the results. Thanks all!
Just checking to see if there is any progress on the "most recent" sort issue.

Thanks for helping :)
Hi Toni,

Were you able to get it to sort for you properly, or are you still having issues?

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